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Hey friends!

I'm DeAnne, the owner and operator of Pemberley Blush in North Georgia and the Atlanta area. Pemberley Blush is a makeup artistry business and an *all things beauty* blog that I started in April 2017. I have always been really into makeup and beauty products. A couple years ago, when I started booking a ton of weddings and doing prom makeup, I knew I had the opportunity to really build a business doing something that I enjoy. The most rewarding thing that I get to experience in doing this is that I get to be a part of peoples special days that they'll never forget. I love being able to help make someone a different version of their already beautiful self.

A little about me:

~  I'm a dog mom. I have two pups, Hollie, an 11 year old miniature long haired Dachshund, and Chief, a 9 week old German Shepherd

~  I am obsessed with decorating, and french farmhouse style is my jam. But my sister is way better at it than me and I steal her ideas. Haha Thanks Vic!

~  Makeup is not my 9-5 weekday job. (Sigh, I wish!) I'm actually a manager for a bank branch.

~  I am obsessed with Jane Austin and her book Pride and Prejudice. That's where the name "Pemberley" came from in "Pemberley Blush."

~  I am very involved in my local church and am part of the worship team there. I love to sing!

~  I love spending weekends at the lake with my boyfriend, Josh, and although he is very outdoorsy, well.... I do my best. haha

~  I don't have any tattoos, but I really want one.... Im just too chicken. Im scared of needles.

~  My favorite thing to do is sit on my sisters back porch with her, my brother-in-law and Josh and drink wine....

~  Since we are mentioning it... Wine. All the wines.



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